What’s my angle?

My angle is in a corner of my soul, in my deepest memory, in an old pain, in a grieve, or a love, a joy, in my senses and my creativity and has many perspectives, depending on the processing of my psyche and my mind, laced to poetic feelings and words both in verse and in prose.

One of my writer idols is Marcel Proust and his Mémoires. So, I wrote a Diary of my teens, two novels for Young adults, some tales, and introspective novels.

What are my expectations from #BloggingUniversity?
I would like to receive feedback and some tips on making the most eye-catching my novels.

Hi, Fellow Writers, Happiness Engineer Chris @chrisrudzki and Community TA Susan   @susanrnet and Michelle  @michelleweber.
Have a nice day!


La vita in rosa

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