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Hi! A good day to all you, writers,  and a Good Start! Happiness engineer and  Community TA I’m so happy to be with all you! My name is Giuseppina D’Amato, I live in Brescia, not too far from the Lake of Garda and Milan, but my heart is in Irpinia, a land not too far from Naples.​
One year ago, I published my first novel “Il mio tempo|My times – A teenager in 60th”. At the moment, I’m writing a new novel, meanwhile I’m engaged in Literary Competitions. I teach in a High School. I edit some WordPress blogs because of my love for writing different literary genres in prose, but also I need to write poetry. My main blog is Memoria Narrante
I’m excited and curious to be here with all you!





La vita in rosa

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9 comments on “Writing 201 – Blogging U
  1. Karina Pinella ha detto:

    Congratulations on finishing your book and going on to another one. Thanks for the follow!

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  2. Wandering Soul ha detto:

    Hi Giuseppina , Many congratulations on publishing your book. You are an inspiration to people like me. Thanks for the follow. Look forward to lots of learning from you 🙂

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  3. Soul Gifts ha detto:

    Thanks for the follow, I expect to see more of you around BU 201. Good luck with your writing and books 🙂

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