La leggenda di Tre Capanne


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    • Hi Lisa, I did a research on the web for your surname but, as I had never heard it, I had the confirm that in Italy it doesn’t exist, not more. Its origin is probably from Puglia (Foggia), a region in the Southern Italy. The most similar surname is Ciafarella, but it’s rare, too. See you on Writing 201 and, if you can, please give me suggestion and advice to improve the language and the grammar of my English text. Have a nice day. Giuseppina.

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    • That’s cool that you did that. And yeah, my family comes from the southern area for sure, I think maybe around Bari…maybe pu
      glia. So thanks for that!
      Your English is good. Better than my Italian, ☺☺, but sure. I will give tips as I can!
      C u on the boards!
      Ciao ciao!

      Mi piace

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