The Greek crisis and the dysfunctional European political space

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Igreek-crisis-16t has been sad to see the Greek crisis gathering pace, culminating in a Eurozone summit which, on condition of deep and intrusive reforms, allows Greece to remain in the Eurozone, and offers the perspective of another bailout.  But no one is under any illusions that the crisis is resolved.  It is clear that European integration has reached a very low point, judging by the acrimonious debates at all levels: official, media, and social media.

This post does not comment on substance but on process.  If there is a silver lining to the crisis it is, in my view, the birth of a European political space.  The long-living mantra that the EU suffers from a democratic deficit is well known.  It is coupled with a profound scepsis about the potential for ever narrowing, let alone removing, that deficit: there is no European demos, only demoi.  Democracy continues…

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One comment on “The Greek crisis and the dysfunctional European political space
  1. Giuseppina D'Amato ha detto:

    A well analysed article with some tentative solutions. The situation is too complex, and not only for Greece.

    Mi piace

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